Local man charged with violating sex offender registry law

A local homeless man who is a convicted sex offender was arrested during the weekend for violating the guidelines laid out in the state’s Sex Offender Registry law. Novodny Bikel Young, age 36, was arrested at t home on Sixth Street in Lawrenceburg Saturday afternoon. Lawrenceburg Police officers were asked to get involved by officers with the State Probation and Parole department.

They reported that they keep tabs on Young, who is reportedly homeless, by using an ankle monitor. They said that the monitor showed that he had been at the home for around seven and a half hours.

They said that this was a violation of the sex offender registry law because the home is located within one thousand feet of a school. Young told officers that he was unaware that the home was that close to a school. He said that since hewears an ankle monitor and knew they had access to the data, he wouldn’t have violated the law on purpose.

He offered an apology, saying that he had made a mistake. Young was arrested on one count of violating the sex offender registry law and incarcerated at the Lawrence County Jail. He will answer the charge in General Sessions Court on October 1, 2018



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