Vehicle burglaries are being looked into by investigators

Investigators with the Lawrenceburg Police Department have been asked to investigate several vehicleburglaries in recent days, two of which occurred last Friday. They spoke with a twenty-three year old Lawrenceburg woman who reported that her Fossil wallet hadbeen stolen out of her 2015 Jeep Cherokee.

Loss, she said, totaled $153.A seventy-four year old Ninth Street resident reported the same day that two vehicles had been burglarized at his home.

He said that the glove boxes had been left open in both his 2006 Ford Fusion and 2008 Ford Ranger. Papers had been moved, and left on the seat.

He was unable to determine at that time whether anything had been stolen. Anyone with information about either of the crimes should contact the police department at 931-762-2276

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