Lawrenceburg woman who gave acquaintances ride is robbed at gunpoint

A woman reported to authorities Friday that two acquaintances had robbed her at gunpoint after she gave them a ride. According to reports filed through the Lawrenceburg Police Department officers answered a call to a home on Victor Street at just after 11:00.

The call was in regards to a fight involving baseball bats. When they arrived, however, the male resident said that his wife had been very upset and was hitting the tires on her vehicle with the ball bat, and that there had been no altercation.

The female victim, age 32, reported that she had given a female acquaintance and her boyfriend a ride from Busy Bee Market to the West Point area.

She said that she was giving them a ride back to Lawrenceburg, and when they were in the vicinity of Buffalo Road and Randall Street, the female asked her to pull over.

She said when she did so that the woman pointed a gun at her and took her purse along with the SIM card out of her cell phone. They couple exited the vehicle, took the $600 cash from her wallet, then threw her purse in a ditch.

The victim didn’t know the woman’s last name, but was able to give officers the name of her father. Using information from various sources, officers were able to tentatively identify the woman.

Investigation into the incident is currently on-going by detectives with the department’s Criminal Investigation Division. Anyone who has information that might assist in the investigation should contactthe department at 931-762-2276.



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