Goodspring resident is ripped off while trying to buy bookshelf

A resident of Goodspring, Tennessee filed a complaint with law enforcement officers Tuesday after she gave a local man money, but didn’t receive the bookshelf she was trying to purchase.

A Lawrenceburg Police Department report shows that the woman, age 52, and her boyfriend had met the seller, a twenty-eight year old resident of Good Hope Road, at a Lawrenceburg business and given him $100 to purchase a wooden bookcase.

He took the money and told them he would go get the bookshelf and bring it back to them, however he never returned. The male victim told officers that he had attempted to call and text the man for the following three days, but that he refused to return his calls.

He said that they saw the man in the parking lot at Walmart on Tuesday and walked over to talk to him about the purchase. They said he became hostile, cursed at them, and informed them he would not give them the bookcase or return their money. The incident remains under investigation at the current time.



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