Wednesday, August, 22,2018

Prisoner at local jail finds his belongings while working at landfill

Lawrenceburg Now

A Leoma man, jailed since February 20th, was shocked to find that his own belongings were being discarded at the landfill where he was working there. He reported to Lawrence County Sheriff’s deputies, while working at the landfill he saw a woman throw away a guitar that belonged to him.

He described her as tall, driving a Ford F150. The victim was able to salvage his guitar and later contact his father. His father went to check his house and said that a window had been broken. He found damage to locks on his son’s camper and shed.

Many of his things had been stolen, as well. A large number of sound equipment items were stolen as well as several guitars and other musical instruments. Also stolen were many tools and power tools, four television sets, a Blu-ray player, electric fireplace,

lawn care items, diamond engagement ring set, computer and software, and a number of DVDs. The items were said to have a combined value of $28,720. The case remains under investigation at the present tim.



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