Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Girl finds strange man inside family vehicle

Lawrenceburg Now
A young girl prompted an investigation last week after finding a strange man inside of her family's vehicle.
The girl, whom reports indicate was under the age of twelve, ran to a neighbor's home seeking help. She indicated that she had been frightened when she discovered the man inside the vehicle. The neighbor told officers that he had been observing the man by using his outside security cameras.
Officers were able to wake the man, who was identified as thirty-nine year old Joshua Scott Throneberry of 390 Tripp Road. Once he was awake, Throneberry explained that he had been dropped off by someone who told him to hang out at the residence for a while.

He also stated that he was waiting for his cousin. He could not tell officers why he was inside a stranger's vehicle, but did admit that he had taken Lortab a few hours before the incident.
Throneberry was booked at the Lawrence County Jail on a public intoxication charge. He will answer the charge in General Sessions Court on September 6, 2017.



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