Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Fire at Dura Automotive contained early Tuesday

From the Lawrenceburg Fire Department

At approximately 5:30 this morning the Lawrenceburg Fire Department was dispatched to 2200 Helton Drive (Dura Automotive) in Lawrenceburg for a report of a building fire with flames visible.

First arriving units found the building to be evacuated with smoke visible from the rear of the building. Our personnel deployed into the building where they found Dura maintenance employees attempting to extinguish the fire.

Automatic aid units from both New Prospect, and Ethridge Fire were called for assistance. Firefighters were able to successfully extinguish the fire, and prevent fire spread to other nearby equipment. Our units did remain on scene to provide ventilation, and air monitoring inside the building.
The building has since been deemed safe, and turned back over to Dura Automotive management. The fire was believed to be the result of an incident in the manufacturing process.

The fire was contained to an industrial booth with an approximate pre-incident value of $500,000.00. The estimated damage incurred to the machine, and booth as the result of the fire is $20,000.00. The facility has returned to full operation. There were no injuries reported as the result of the incident.
Lawrenceburg Fire Chief Jay Moore praised the quick actions of Dura employees, saying, “The employees of Dura Automotive acted as they were trained to do. They did an excellent job in evacuating the building, and containing the fire until our personnel and equipment could arrive on scene. Without their actions, the outcome of the incident could likely have been much different.”




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