Monday, August 4, 2008

Iron City Resident Beaten With Softball Bat

   An Iron City resident was allegedly beaten severely with a softball bat during an altercation reported through the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department during the weekend.

   The brothers involved in the altercation, which occurred around 12:45 Saturday outside 55 South Walnut Street, Iron City, reported to deputies that they had drove to their uncle’s property next door in order to confront the victim about whether he had stolen copper from them, then sold it to a Thornton Iron and Metal Company. Reports indicate that the victim “had been implicated in numerous thefts from them.”

   The brothers, ages 38 and 31, told deputies they had arrived at the location around 8:00 p.m. and waited next to the garage. They reported that their mother was driving the vehicle in which the offender and another man were traveling. When they pulled up, they reported that the victim exited the vehicle wielding a softball bat. The elder brother and the victim allegedly became involved in a physical altercation during which the victim was struck several times. The brothers also reported that the victim “fell” several times, striking his head on tin.

   They indicated that their mother attempted to intervene, but that she was restrained by the younger brother and the other man.

   When they arrived on the scene, deputies report finding the victim “lying on the ground, bleeding from the face and head.” Although they noted that the softball bat was lying on the ground near the victim, they reported that “there was no sign of blood on it and it looked as though it had been laying in the same place for a long period of time.”

   In addition, deputies report they were, “advised that a lead pipe was supposed to have been used” in the altercation. Deputies did not, however, locate a pipe.

   The victim was treated at the scene by members of the Lawrence County Ambulance Service. He was then transported to Crockett Hospital for additional care.

   No arrests had been made at the time reports were filed. Authorities indicate that the matter remains under investigation, and that charges may be forthcoming.