Lawrence County Sheriff's Deputies assisted in a multi County pursuit that reportedly turned into a attempted hostage situation after the suspect entered a local store with a gun.



Reports indicate that the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office were dispatched on Thursday to assist Maury County Sheriff’s Deputies with a pursuit that was heading South on Highway 43.

The Maury County Sheriff's Department was in pursuit of a stolen vehicle driven by Floyd Oden where once he passed the South of Lawrenceburg a Lawrence County Deputy initiated his lights, and gave chase.

Oden refused to stop for Deputies where he continued driving until he reached the Speedway in Lawrenceburg, and quickly pulled into the rear parking lot of the gas station.

The suspect fled into the gas station through a back door where reportedly Oden pulled out a gun ordering the occupants inside to get on the ground.

Bravely a Deputy quickly entered the gas station right behind Oden while yelling verbal commands at the suspect who instead attempted to flee out the front door, and was immediately intercepted by a Deputy.

Upon searching Oden who was not only in possession of a handgun Deputies also found drugs believed to be methamphetamine, paraphernalia, pills, and counterfeit money.

The suspect was arrested, and transported to the Lawrence County Jail on multiple charges.