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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Deputy Bitten During Animal Traffic Call

   A deputy dispatched on an animal traffic call Monday was bitten while trying to help contain an aggressive dog.

   Reports filed through the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department show that the deputy was dispatched to 107 Eagle Haven Drive in Summertown shortly before 4:00 p.m.

The resident indicated that a neighbor’s dog that had bitten her young daughter two weeks before, was in her fenced back yard.

She reported that when she filed the prior dog bite report, the responding deputy had instructed her to call, should the dog return, and allow officers to handle the matter.

   Reports show that the dog was still in the back yard while the deputy took the complaint. Afterwards he went next door to speak with the dog owner.

   Owner Stacey Rae Osborn, 37, told the deputy her dog “must have broken his chain again.” The deputy then asked her to retrieve her dog from the neighbor’s property and place him inside the dog pen in her back yard.

   According to reports, Osborn had difficulty opening the gate because the latch had been secured with a screw. While the deputy made an attempt to remove the screw, he reports the dog bit him on the right forearm. Osborn was then able to open the latch and place the dog inside.

   Osborn was issued a citation on charges of allowing her dog to roam at large. The charge must be answered in Lawrence County General Sessions Court on August 23, 2011.



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