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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Liquor Store “Lottery” To Be Held July 19

   Lawrenceburg leaders plan to hold a lottery-style drawing to determine which of seven applicants will be allowed to open the allotted four liquor stores within the city.

   During a bi-monthly meeting of the Lawrenceburg Board of Mayor and Commissioners Thursday, members of the board approved on second and final reading, placing limits on the number of liquor stores that will be allowed to open within the city limits.

   Citizens voted during a May election to allow the sale of hard liquor within the city limits. In June commissioners gave final approval to guidelines that will govern the sale of liquor. During the next meeting, however, they opted to amend the guidelines to include limits on the number of stores allowed to open. One store per 2,500 residents will be allowed. Based upon the city’s current population, a maximum of four stores will be allowed.

   A total of seven individuals have applied to open liquor stores. Commissioners plan to hold a lottery-style drawing during their Thursday, July 19, meeting in order to select the four individuals who will be allowed to open stores. The remaining three will be placed on a waiting list.

   Should an applicant fail to gain a liquor license through the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission, the first alternate would then move into that slot. Those on the list would also have first option, should the 2010 census indicate that another store is warranted.