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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Skull Fractured During Brothers’ Scuffle

   Lawrenceburg Police Officers were summoned to the emergency room Friday when a young man sought medical treatment for a fractured skull, allegedly sustained during a scuffle with his brother.

   When they arrived at Crockett Hospital, officers report speaking with the mother of the young men. She reported her sons had become involved in a fight around 8:30 that morning when one son accused the other of stealing money, cigarettes and medication. She indicated that they became angry and that one struck the other in the face with his fist. The other allegedly picked up a pool stick and struck his brother over the left side of the head.

   Around 12:30, the mother reported, she took the son who had been struck with the pool stick to the doctor’s office because he was bleeding from his left ear. The doctor had him transported by ambulance to Crockett Hospital where tests revealed his skull was fractured near his left temple. He was later flown via Air Evac to Centennial Medical Center in Nashville.

   At the present time detectives with the department’s Criminal Investigation Division are continuing to delve into the matter.