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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Attempted Murder Charges Issued In Loretto Shooting Spree

   Attempted murder charges were issued against a local man Monday in the wake of a shooting spree in the Loretto area.

   Dennie Merel Robertson, age 39, of 369 Rascal Town Road, was taken into custody when sheriff’s deputies conducted a felony take down at the French Road/Lexington Highway intersection. Also arrested was driver Teresa Adele Newell, age 34.

   A neighbor reported that a vehicle had passed by 369 Rascal Town Road around 1:00 p.m. and that four shots had been fired.

The owner discovered that his horses had been shot in the face. He reported that they were bleeding profusely and that one was down. They were later transported for veterinary care.

   While the owner and others were rendering aid to the horses, they saw Robertson pass by the residence a second time.

He told deputies that he had recently filed a report with the Loretto Police Department about an incident that involved Robertson. He said that Robertson had made threats to kill him and that he felt that, had there not been several other individuals with him on the second pass, he would have done so.

   Shortly afterwards, a resident of 1003 Lexington Highway reported that he had been fired upon by Robertson. He told deputies that he was exiting his vehicle when Robertson fired the shot, striking the back window. The car sustained considerable damage.  

   A third call was soon made from a residence on Fairview Road. A resident reported that he had been at his neighbor’s house when he saw Robertson pass by, firing upon his residence.

   Deputies report that when they stopped the vehicle they found that Newell was the driver and Robertson the passenger.

They said they could see the butt of a gun lying on Robertson’s arm. One deputy approached and removed the shotgun through the window, tossing it aside.

A deputy then physically removed Robertson from the car, laying him on the ground so that he could be handcuffed without further risk of harm to others.

   When the car was inventoried, deputies report finding inside a box of Winchester 12 gauge shotgun shells, an open been that was till cold, and several empty beer cans. The weapon seized into evidence as a single shot, Volunteer 12 gauge shotgun.

   While he was being transported, security video shows that Robertson told the deputy that they, “Would be working a murder when he got out ‘cause he would kill ‘em next time.”

   Robertson was booked through the Lawrence County Detention Center on charges that include attempted first degree murder, reckless endangerment, and aggravated animal cruelty.

Newell was charged with criminal responsibility for attempted first degree murder and criminal responsibility for reckless endangerment.

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