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Monday, June 20, 2011

Adopt A Teacher 2010-2011 Honorees

The Lawrence County School System introduced the Adopt-A-Teacher program during the 2010-2011 school year. 

By contributing $25 individuals were able to honor a former or current teacher while helping develop a “sunshine fund” for our educators. 

Previously a fund such as this did not exist but thanks to many we have been able to build up money to be used for rewarding our teachers with small treats throughout the school year. 

The 2011-2012 Adopt-A-Teacher campaign will kick off in September.  Watch in the local media, the LCSS website:, and Facebook for more details.

Below is a list of those that have been honored or remembered through this year’s efforts: 

Teachers Honored
Ethel Young Benson
Phyllis Borum
Janice Capley
Lynn Chumbley
Mary Ann Clayton
Sarah Cope
Marion Joiner
Carmen Kilburn
Pam King
Virginia Lindsey
Doris Lyles
Dorothy McConnell
Rex McMasters
Richard Moyers
Anita Odom
Shirley Perry
Francis Brown Rayfield
Wayne Richardson
Brad Rochelle
Debbie Scott
Cindy Shannon
Donnie Simbeck
Ruby Spears
Patricia Springer
Shannon Tweedy
Carol Wall
Shannon Watson
Jonathan Weathers
Diane Webb
Carol Marie Wiley

Teachers Remembered
Ralph Benson
Virgillia Brink
E. O. Coffman
Judy Giles
Imogene Foust
Miss Woody Helton
Mr. Charlie Holt Sr.
Van Jones, Jr.
Sara Kirkland
Mrs. R. T. Little
Mrs. Ramon McCrory
James Odenal
Maggie Sue Phillips
Virginia Benton Vaughan Scoggins
Vivian Shelton
Francis Smallwood
Annie Mary Springer
Coach Leonard Staggs
Mary Willis

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