Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kenny Durham Will Sing "John Denver" At Libertyfest

Thank God, there's still Country Boys like Kenny Durham of Hohenwald!! Kenny will be a special guest of this year's big Libertyfest Celebration in Lawrenceburg, and will be singing and playing John Denver songs to the delight of the audience on Saturday, July 4th, at 1:00pm.

Kenny was taught the love for music through his grandfather and mother. To this day, at family get-togethers, playing instruments and singing is always part of the fun. Kenny was born and raised in Hohenwald, TN, and while most boys his age were listening to Rock & Roll, Kenny listened to John Denver. He played his music over and over again while delivering papers on his paper route.

Kenny listened to all John Denver's music, not just the his top hits. Kenny gives credit to John for showing him that staying true to what you believe and staying committed will eventually pay off. John's tragic death affected Kenny deeply and inspired him to write "Good-bye John", a tribute song about John Denver.

Growing up Kenny was rarely seen without his guitar and/or an animal by his side. He has always loved dogs and horses. Today, he and his wife Lanette share their ranch with five horses, two pet cows and a goat. In addition they have 11 dogs of their own and foster many homeless, abused and neglected dogs for the High Forest Humane Society. When they aren't on the road touring, they enjoy spending their time horseback riding and hiking around their ranch.

Please make every effort to come down to the Public Square on Saturday, July 4th, and hear Kenny sing "John Denver" - all part of this year's big Libertyfest Celebration.