Monday, June 9, 2008

Woman Attacks Deputy During Welfare Check

   A deputy who was dispatched to check on the welfare of a Lawrenceburg woman Saturday reports that he was attacked while attempting to keep his firearm out of her hands.

   The incident was reported through the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department around 6:00 p.m. Saturday. The deputy was dispatched to 703 Nikki Drive where residents reported that the woman, obviously in a confused state, had walked into their home, believing it to be her abode.

   The deputy found the woman, age 30, had crossed over a wire fence and was talking to herself. When he asked if he could search her for weapons, he reports she agreed. It was when he placed his hand on her arm, he reports, that the woman began grabbing for his holstered gun.

   The deputy reports that the woman was able to unsnap the top latch on his weapon, and that he was forced to strike her on the top/side of the head in order to prevent her from obtaining the firearm. He indicates that she began grabbing for the gun a second time, and that he tried to place her on the ground, then attempted to handcuff her.

   At this point, the deputy reports that he woman had grabbed the handle of his firearm, so he pulled his immobilizing spray from his belt and attempted to spray her in order to subdue her. He indicates that she turned her head at that moment, causing the spray to miss her face.

   According to the deputy, he continued to struggle with the woman and was unable to properly secure the spray in his holster. While he was wrestling her hands away from his gun and attempting to handcuff her, he reports that she pulled the spray from his holster and sprayed him in the face.

   Although he was unable to see clearly, the deputy was able to wrestle the spray away from the woman after striking her wrist. He was then able to get the handcuffs around her wrists one at a time, and prevent any further struggling over his weapon.

   The woman was transported to Crockett Hospital for a mental evaluation. She was later transported to Nashville for a more extensive mental evaluation. Reports show that charges are pending in connection with the incident.