Mysterious packages resulted in a drug bust of over 400 pounds of cocaine for Tennessee deputies.


The Wilson County Sheriff's office stated they received information from a Tennessee business about the arrival of unlabeled mysterious packages which turned out to be over 400 pounds of cocaine.

On May 30th the Sheriff's Office of Mount Juliet Tennessee got a search warrant to look inside the packages that resulted in deputies seizing over 475 pounds of cocaine which is 216 kilos.

The sheriff's office stated that they do not believe the business was involved or has any connection to the drugs.

Sheriff Robert Bryan said in a statement, “We always encourage everyone that when you see something, say something, and that’s exactly what the business owners did when they received these unlabeled packages that arrived at their facility, we were able to obtain a search warrant for the packages and located approximately 216 kilos of powder cocaine. The investigation is very active and we will work with our fellow law enforcement agencies to track down those responsible for this large shipment of drugs into our county.”





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