Lawrenceburg police department responded to a harassment call that ended in a officer arresting and taking down a combative intoxicated man.


The Lawrenceburg police department responded to a harassment call on Monday at an apartment on Beckham Ave.

Upon arrival the officer spoke with the subjects, Timothy Adkins and David Gabel, who were involved in a confrontation.

Adkins who was intoxicated was cussing, and telling the officer that the argument was over him wanting Gabel to leave the residence.

Gabel Informed the officer that Adkins wanted him to leave after he threatened to take the alcohol away, and that Adkins would not calm down even after Gabel told him he had already called for a ride home.

The officer attempted to calm Adkins down who was now in the street cussing, and the officer explained to Adkins that he needed to come back inside so they could discuss the matter otherwise he would be arrested for public intoxication.

Adkins became aggressive, and non compliant with the officer who informed him that he was under arrest.

After a struggle and Adkins resisting the officer was able to arrest him on charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.



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