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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Woman Stalked By Couple Wanting Sex

   Law enforcement officials initiated a stalking investigation on Monday after a resident found a note on her windshield from a couple requesting that she engage in sexual activity.

   The victim, age 48, reported to deputies with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department that her daughter had found an envelope bearing her name, secured beneath her windshield wiper Saturday morning.

   The enclosed note, which appeared to have been written by a female, informed the victim that her husband routinely indulges in sexual fantasies about her. She said that they had been following her for some time, watching her as she shopped at local businesses.

In addition, she said that they follow her closely on Facebook. She told the victim that she had become accustomed to her husband searching for her, and had begun to do so herself.

   The author of the note informed the victim that they are interested in meeting with her, “For the purpose of the wife trying to convince (the victim) to have sex with her husband.”

   The matter remains under investigation through the department’s Criminal Investigation Division at the current time.

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