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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Charges Pending In Theft From North American Container Corporation

   Authorities report that charges are being sought against two local men in connection with a theft that occurred at North American Container Corporation last week.

   Detectives with the Lawrenceburg Police Department Criminal Investigation Division indicate the crime occurred the night of Thursday, May 30 at the business location of 2180 East Gaines Street.

Items reported stolen included one 50 horsepower motor, one 25 horsepower motor, a bevel head, and three miscellaneous blades. The items had a combined value of approximately $4,900.

   The investigation led detectives to confront two men at their 112 Shotwell Road home on Friday. They report that both Andrew Keith Davenport, age 22, and Thomas Michael Bracken, age 24, were Mirandize and interviewed. They report that both, “Admitted their responsibility of the crime.”

   Detectives report that large, industrial type motors were plainly visible in the back compartment of Bracken’s Chevrolet Suburban, parked in the driveway. They were identified as the stolen items and returned to the business.

   Davenport and Bracken had not been arrested at the time reports were filed, however detectives indicated that charges were pending.

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