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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Commissioners Create Committee To Study Feasibility Of Property Tax Freeze

  Local leaders have voted to create a committee tasked with studying the feasibility of implementing a local property tax freeze for eligible taxpayers.

   Members of the Lawrence County Board of Commissioners voted to approve a resolution calling for the creation of the committee, during their regularly scheduled business meeting Tuesday.

   The resolution was drafted in regards to the state’s Public Chapter 581 of the Acts of 2007. The state legislation allows legislative bodies of any county or municipality to adopt a property tax freeze program under the provisions of the act.

   During Tuesday’s meeting commissioners voted only to create the study committee to examine the feasibility of adopting the act locally. The committee will then make recommendations to the commission.

   Commissioners said the committee will be looking into creating a tax freeze to benefit local elderly residents on fixed incomes.

   Members of the committee are to be appointed by the chairman of the Lawrence County legislative body, subject to confirmation by the county commission.

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