Friday, May 30, 2008

Experts Offer Tips For Conserving Gasoline

  With gasoline prices soaring and residents searching for ways to cut the cost of traveling to and fro, experts are offering a few tips for conserving that precious commodity.

  Some common sense tips for everyday driving include:

*Skip the drive through – experts say that idling can waste as much of one gasoline per hour.

*Use the cruise control – but not on hill! When you use the cruise control on hills it causes the engine to rev up and down to maintain a constant speed. This actually wastes more gas.

*Eliminate racks and the likes from the exterior of your vehicle – Anything attached to the outside of the vehicle causes it to be less aero-dynamic and thus use more gas.

*Clean out your car!! The lighter your vehicle, the less gas it burns!

  Experts indicate that you can save money while reducing both fuel consumption and air pollution by following some of the tips listed below. Which steps you choose to take will depend upon your own particular circumstances, but utilizing any of them will reduce the amount of money you spend for gasoline.



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