Lawrenceburg Police Chief issues warning if bad behavior at local park continues restrictions on park usage will be implemented.


Lawrenceburg police Chief Terry Beecham stated on Thursday their concern for vandalism, littering, and drug use at Rotary Park.

Authorities have been having issues with careless discarding of used syringes and illegal drug use at the local park, and if this behavior continues officers will have to put restrictions on park usage for the safety of the public.

Rotary Park is currently available to the public most any time due to Lawrenceburg Rotary Club and City of Lawrenceburg sharing park facility expenses.

In a effort to hopefully correct this behavior there will be additional police patrolling the park.

Beecham stated, "If you're there after sundown chances are you are going to talk to one of Lawrenceburg finest."

Also authorities are looking into installing security cameras at the park so as to hold an individual accountable that is caught committing a crime.

A plea is being issued for assistance from the public to correct this behavior otherwise Beecham stated, "if the abuse of the park continues it might force us into the position where we have to shut down and padlock it at sundown."



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