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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Commissioners Nix Zoning Question

Lashawn Baxter/ WLX News

In a 15 to 2 vote Tuesday, Lawrence County commissioners tabled a resolution calling for the formation of a committee to study whether the commission should implement county zoning. The committee was to make a recommendation to the commission in September.

Several citizens addressed the commission in opposition to zoning. Currently, the only zoning the county has in place is a special impact commission that governs the use of property for landfills, rock quarries and similar special land uses.

Voting against the motion to table was Jerry Putman and Joe Wray. The commission postponed electing a commissioner to fill the vacant seat of Chuck Doerflinger who resigned as the representative for 18th district.

The commission recessed and will reconvene Monday, June 8th at 5 at the courthouse.