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Monday, May 23, 2011

Ambulance Workers Assaulted While Rendering Aid

   Two local ambulance workers were assaulted during the weekend while attempting to render aid to a local resident.

   Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies were summoned to investigate the matter at Crockett Hospital around 3:30 Saturday morning. Reports show that emergency medical service personnel were in the process of transporting a patient to the emergency room when the woman became upset and began to attack them.

   Reports show that while trying to pull out her IV, the twenty-year-old woman kicked one EMS worker in the stomach. She reportedly assaulted a second technician, spitting in her face, biting her arm and kicking her in the right shoulder.

   During the ruckus, the patient reportedly kicked a cabinet inside the ambulance, breaking the glass.      

   Deputies generated a report regarding the assault and advised the two technicians about how to take out a criminal summons against the woman.


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