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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Woman Shoplifting Second Time Is Charged, Banned From Premises        

   An Alabama woman was issued charges, then banned from the premises Tuesday when for the second time she was caught shoplifting at a local business.

   Officers with the Lawrenceburg Police Department were summoned to Ty Alexander’s at 2782 Highway 43 North regarding a shoplifting incident. Owners reported that a woman had concealed nine women’s tops in a white plastic bag, but had been confronted before leaving the premises.

   Owners reported that they had recognized the woman from a shoplifting incident that occurred at the store on May 9. On that date, they reported finding ten empty clothes hangers concealed behind a mirror in the dressing room she had used.

Since that time, they said they have made a point of checking behind the mirrors each day. They said when they noticed the woman inside the store that day they checked the dressing room and found nine empty clothes hangers hidden behind the mirror.

   When they spoke with the suspect, forty year old Wanda Carol Mitchell of Smith Road, Millport, Alabama, officers say she admitted she had stolen three items on May 9, but denied having taken the remaining seven items.

They noted, however, that she volunteered to pay restitution on all ten items. Owners said the items stolen had a value of between $220 and $400.

   Officers issued Mitchell a citation charging her with theft of property and she was instructed not to come back into the store.

   Mitchell is scheduled to answer the theft charge in Lawrence County General Sessions Court on June 6, 2014.

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