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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jackson Sponsoring Legislation To Create Community Service Scholarship

At this month’s regular session meeting of the Lawrence County Commission, Commissioner Chris D. Jackson is sponsoring legislation which would create a county government service scholarship that would be awarded to one graduating highs school senior each year.

Jackson said of the legislation, “Being a young elected official in Lawrence County, I feel a duty to try to encourage more young people to become involved in our community.

I believe that the challenges we face are great and the only way we are going to solve them is by everyone working together—that includes our younger generations.”

Commissioner Jackson points out that the proposed scholarship is one way he is trying to incentivize local youth to give back to their community.

“This $1,500 scholarship would be awarded to one graduating Lawrence County senior each year that plans to pursue a career in public service and has already built up a durable record of service in his or her community.

In receiving the scholarship, the recipient must also agree to give back 100 hours of community service to Lawrence County during the year of their award.”

 “I believe this scholarship is a win-win for Lawrence County,” says Jackson. “With the creation of the scholarship it will incentivize high school students to become more involved in their communities with the hope that when they become a graduating senior they will have a chance of receiving the scholarship.

It will also provide our county with 100 free hours each year of community service for projects that are beneficial to our communities.

Moreover, it will financially help students further their education at a time when tuition costs continue to rise and financial assistance programs continues to dwindle.

And at the end of the day, it will have a lasting positive effect on our community as the younger generations will learn the importance and fulfillment of service.”

According to Jackson, the scholarship’s main objective is to encourage Lawrence County’s youth to consider doing something in life greater than oneself.

“While public service may not always be the “cool” thing to do or the occupation that pays the most money, the fulfillment in knowing that you have made a positive difference in a person’s life or in our community is immeasurable,” Jackson stated.

The legislation will be voted upon at next Tuesday’s meeting, which will be at 5 pm at the Lawrence County Courthouse

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