Lawrenceburg Utility Systems warns about a phone scam going around that involves them pretending to be your Utility provider.


Lawrenceburg Utility Systems posted today warning customers that recently Huntsville Utilities was hit with a phone scam where the scammers used a Robo call on utility customers claiming to be with the Service Department to shut off power for non-payment.

The customer is then asked to call a 1-800 number to resolve the issue, and once the number is called the scammer would then ask for a payment over the phone.

The Lawrenceburg Utility Systems wants customers to know that this is not how they operate so please be advised.

If LUS contacts you it will be from a local number, they will identify themselves by name, and their association with LUS.

LUS is warning customers so they do not fall victim to this scam as well as if you ever have any doubts or concerns, simply hang up and call them at 762-7161 then ask for Customer Service. Anyone in that department can access your account and inform you of its status.



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