Lawrenceburg police department were dispatched twice to Walmart resulting in arrests.


On Friday the Lawrenceburg police department responded to a call at Walmart of a female walking around the parking lot looking in the windows of vehicles and pulling on door handles.

When officers arrived they found the female in question inside Ryan Risner's vehicle, a male suspect who was wanted out of Lauderdale County for failure to appear in court.

Risner was arrested and extradited back to Alabama.

The 2nd call that Lawrenceburg police responded to on Friday at Walmart was reports of a male suspect waiving a large knife around.

Upon arrival officers located two male subjects near a truck where the armed man was supposedly at, but no knife was ever located.

Officers conducted a check for warrants, and discovered one of the male subjects, Christopher Golden, had an outstanding warrant.

Golden was arrested and transported to Lawrence County jail where he will wait for extradition.



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