Hohenwald police tazed and arrested a man after he was accused of hitting another man in the head with a claw hammer.


Hohenwald police officers were dispatched early Saturday morning to Oak Street with a report of a man hitting another man in the head with a claw hammer for supposedly no apparent reason.

When officers arrived they found the suspect, Howard Sheline outside the residence leaning on a 4 foot stick refusing commands to drop the stick.

The officer then fired his tazer at Sheline who was still able to get up and run after being tazed.

Officers did find Sheline hiding in some tall weeds behind the home, and arrested him on charges of aggravated assault, evading arrest, and resisting arrest.

Sheline was booked into the Lewis County jail on a $45,000 bond.

The victim of the assault was taken to a nearby hospital.



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