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Sunday, May 6, 2014

Sunday Crime Report


A resident of Waynesboro Highway reported to deputies Thursday that her 2002 Pontiac car had been vandalized. Scratches were found on one rear quarter panel and the windshield had been busted. Footprints were found in the front yard however the victim said she had not seen anyone on the property.


Police officers investigated a burglary at an Old Florence Boulevard home last week. The resident, 22, reported that she had only been away briefly from 7:40 a.m. until 8:20 a.m. A front window was broken and the front door left unlocked. Missing were a 42” TV and PS3 game system and game with a combined value of $1,060. Officers found a large shard of glass beneath the broken window along with small pieces in a bedroom.


A resident of the Public Square in Lawrenceburg reported to authorities last week that his brother had illegally sold some of his property while he had been incarcerated. He said that during a visit his brother told him he had sold two Digital Design 12” subs, a bass ported speaker box, and a 2000 watt Class DRE amp. He said that the items had a total value of $900, but that his brother had sold all of the items for $150.


Officers were summoned to a Cecil Street home last week where the resident reported that someone had slashed a tire on his Pontiac Bonneville. He said the crime had occurred sometime during the previous night. He estimated his loss to be $100.


A customer arrived at a barber shop on First Street last week to find that a window had been broken out. He notified the owners who quickly responded to the scene. They reported that a box of change and a chair cover were missing. The window screen from the broken window was also missing. Officers found a concrete block inside that appeared to have been used to break the window. Loss was estimated at $155.


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