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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Residents Says Mailbox Thief Tried To Run Her Down With Car

   A resident of Ethridge filed a complaint with law enforcement officers Wednesday after a woman allegedly stole her mailbox, then tried to run her down with her car.

   The victim called Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies to her 5 Overneck Road home at 10:45 a.m. She reported she had heard her dogs barking excitedly and looked outside to see if anyone was about. The victim said she saw a woman dressed in a pink jogging suit removing her mailbox.

   The victim reported that when she went out the woman was placing her mailbox into the back seat of her car. She then got in, drove down the roadway a short distance and turned around. The victim said when she stepped into the roadway to confront the woman, she tried to hit her with the car.

   The vehicle is described as a cream color, four door sedan with a dent on the passenger side. Anyone who has information regarding the incident is urged to contact the sheriff’s department at 931-762-3626.


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