Lawrence County Sheriff's department caught a burglar in the act, and confiscated more narcotics off the streets.


The Lawrence County Sheriff's department responded to a report of a home being broken into on North Brace Road.

Upon arrival deputies noticed a rear window of the home was open, and after they entered the home they located Jonathan Anderson, 39, of Summertown.

After deputies conducted a walk through of the home the inside contents had been burglarized, and they discovered a small plastic baggy with .5 grams of a white substance believed to be methamphetamine.

A knife was also discovered on the couch where Anderson previously was when deputies had arrived, and on the suspect they found .7 grams of a substance believed to be methamphetamine, 1.5 broken xanax tablets, two syringes, and several baggies with residue in them.

Anderson was arrested on charges of aggravated burglary, possession of methamphetamine, possession of schedule IV, and possession of drug paraphernalia.



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