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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Indoor Grow Operation Found Inside Trailer At Ethridge Home

   A tip received by law enforcement officers in Ethridge recently led to the discovery of an indoor marijuana growing operation at 410 Church Street.

   According to information released through the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department the situation came to light through a tip received by an officer with the Ethridge Police Department regarding possible drug activity.

   When officers confronted resident William Hudak, reports show that he granted them permission to conduct a search of his property. During that search officers found the grow operation had been set up inside a thirty-two foot, pull behind, Cavalier trailer.

   Officers reported, “The inside of the trailer was completely modified to manufacture marijuana.”

   Officers seized more than thirty marijuana plants along with grow lights, an irrigation system, oxygen tanks, plant nutrition, and various other items associated with the growth/manufacture of marijuana.

   Reports show that evidence against Hudak will be presented to the Lawrence County Grand Jury.

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