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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Indictments Handed Down Against 30+ In Drug Roundup

   Local indictments were issued against more than thirty people from Lawrence County and surrounding areas last week in a drug roundup operation that spanned several months.

   Sheriff Jimmy Brown issued a press release on Wednesday indicating that twenty-two of those individuals have already been arrested.

   Brown said that the indictments were issued on Friday, April 25, in connection with an investigation into local sales of illegal narcotics. Once the indictments were in-hand members of the U.S. Marshals Service assisted local agents in making the arrests.

   Those arrested include the following:

   According to Brown Deanna Carol Cooper was additionally charged with possession of marijuana and other controlled substances, and Zachary Clay Davis with simple possession of marijuana. Several vehicles were seized during the operation, as well.

    Individuals against whom indictments were issued, but who have not yet been arrested are as follows:

   Brown requests that anyone who has information regarding the whereabouts of these individuals contact the sheriff’s department at 931-762-3626 or the Criminal Investigation Division directly at 931-762-1608.

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