Lawrenceburg police department are investigating a domestic assault case, and it is unclear if warrants should be issued.


The Lawrenceburg police department responded to a domestic assault call at Whippoorwill Drive with reports that the offender had already left the residence.

Once officers arrived they spoke to Jesse Belew who stated that he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend Rhan Daniel who lives there with him and their child. Belew said that Daniel punched him during the altercation and split his lip.

Belew said that once he began calling the police that Daniel left, and he wasn't pressing charges just wanted his side of the incident documented. He didn't know what Daniel might say since Belew has previous domestic assault charges.

On Tuesday officers tried unsuccessfully to contact Daniel, and left her a voicemail to call them back.

Until further investigation can be conducted officers did not issue an arrest warrant for Daniel since she had no priors, and there had been numerous domestic calls, aggravated assault, violation of protection order, aggravated stalking against Belew.



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