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Monday, April 28, 2014

Visitors Steal Cell Phone

   Law enforcement officials were asked to open an investigation during the weekend after a man discovered that visitors to his Leoma home had stolen his cell phone.

   Reports filed through the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department show that the Dogwood Lane resident reported the crime on Saturday. He told deputies that on the previous Wednesday, April 23, his wife had allowed a man and woman to come inside their residence because they had asked to speak with a man that was already there.

   The victim said that as the couple was leaving he realized that his cell phone was missing from a living room table. He said he asked the couple whether they had taken it, but that they had denied doing so.

   The victim said that he and his wife searched their home, but were unable to locate the phone. He said that he had received a new phone from Verizon on Monday.

He said he loaded his back up Cloud to his phone and found some photos of the woman who had been at his home the previous week. He told deputies that he did not know the couple and had never been to the places in the pictures.

   The victim said that the man had called his wife’s phone Monday and that he told the man he had seen the photos and knew that they had his phone. He told the man if he did not return his phone or drop it off at the sheriff’s department he would press charges against him.

He said the man retorted, “He did not care if he called the law because he has several felonies and when he got arrested he would get out and come to his residence and shoot him.”

   Deputies obtained the photos of the woman and as a result were able to identify the couple. Investigation in the matter is currently continuing through the department’s Criminal Investigation Division.

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