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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Early Morning Storms Create Havoc

Though anxiety ran high and emergency personnel performed admirably, local damages resulting from Wednesday’s severe storms were comparatively small.

   The storm system that bombarded the area first blew in Tuesday evening. Early Wednesday, however, the intensity of the storm increased significantly.

   It was around 5:00 a.m. when damage reportedly occurred to homes and property in the Summertown community. Officials reported that one home was destroyed in the onslaught. Two others sustained structural damage.

Many residents reported miscellaneous property damage, including the destruction of two garages. One resident was said to have sustained minor injury.

   Resident Luke Rochelle reported his home was impaled by a board that had been caught up in the storm. In addition, a garage at a North Brace Road home was picked up from the foundation and dropped approximately thirty feet away.

   Around 10:30 a.m. witnesses reported a tornado touched down in the Leoma area. A second such report was issued in the afternoon. Several residents reported damages as a result of that round of storms.

   Roads throughout the county were impassible at times due to downed trees. Also, several residents were left without power at times. Crews worked diligently to restore power and clear blocked roadways.

    As the day wore on and the deluge continued, flash flooding presented a problem. Several individuals had to be rescued after becoming trapped inside their vehicles.

Also, the local Swift Water Rescue Team was called upon to retrieve a family after they became trapped inside their home by flood waters.

   Although several residents were affected by the storms, officials point out that local damages were comparatively small when considering massive damages received by our Alabama neighbors.

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