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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Former Teachers Return To Summertown High

On April 20, 2011 the Summertown High School Student Council sponsored its first annual luncheon for teachers who retired from teaching at Summertown High or taught at Summertown High and then retired from another school.

Twenty-four former SHS teachers returned to the school library to enjoy lunch and to reminisce. Assistant principal and former alumni, Greg Burleson, welcomed the group and commented that many of them had been his teachers.

Kenny Campbell, former Driver’s Ed instructor and SHS golf coach entertained the group with jokes about retirement. Mr. Campbell and Bob Hunt, former history/ government and economics teacher both mentioned former faculty members who were no
longer alive.

Members of the student council distributed name tags which displayed photographs from the retirees’ first years teaching careers. Council members also provided and served the meal. Council members who assisted with this special occasion included: Taylor Holman, Taylor Franks, Jessica Smith, Kristina Nelson, Jason Hill, Blake Clark, and Sean Palfy.

Attending the luncheon were: Kenneth Hay, former SHS principal and former teachers Connie Holman, Bob Hunt, Evelyn Hunt, Mary Nell Franks, Roberta Chennault, Deloris Long, Cleo Hammond, Gari Lynn, Billy Roberts, Curtis Peters, Linda Perry, Betty Ann Price, Cindy Peters, Lynn Pettus, Dru Henson Hunt, Ricky Haddock, Kenny Campbell, Connie Bradburn, Tony Woods, Pam Richards, Sue Umbarger, J. P. Umbarger and Sandy Curtis.

A suggestion was made to tally the amount of teaching experience among all the teachers in the room. Including Regina Kemper, SHS Graduation Coach, Jan Davis, CTE instructor and Student Council Advisor, Diane Webb, Librarian and Student Council Advisor and Greg Burleson, Assistant Principal there was a grand total of 704.5 years of teaching experience present.


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