Middle Tennessee woman has been accused of faking that she had cancer.


Dickson County Grand Jury has indicted Amanda Hartman on charges of felony theft by fraud after she was accused of faking that she had cancer.

Hartman originally made headlines after she started a GoFundMe account for John Campbell a man who walked to work everyday for 3 years, and that's when she started receiving donations for herself after telling everyone she had cancer.

In January Hartman's sister, Daisy Hartman, filed an official complaint against her with the Dickson County Police Department claiming her fundraising for cancer treatment was a hoax.

It is believed that Hartman raised tens of thousands of dollars from friends, family, and strangers, some of them who were cancer survivors themselves.

Hartman was arrested on Wednesday with her bond set at $50,000, and is expected in court on May 14th.



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