Lawrence County homeowner caught burglar in the act then pursued suspects, and held one at gunpoint until deputies arrived.

Lawrence County Sheriff's department received a call on Saturday morning around 9:00 of a burglary that had just occurred on Short Road.

The homeowner and his uncle told deputies that they discovered Tyler Orton, 30, removing boxes from their garage then putting them inside his vehicle and fleeing once they confronted him.

After the suspects fled the homeowner and uncle followed them to Burns Bottom Road were the suspects turned off into the woods becoming stuck on a log that's when the female passenger fled the vehicle.

They were able to catch Orton by holding him at gunpoint until deputies arrived. Orton told deputies that the contents of the box belonged to him which he had left with the previous homeowner, but after inspection of the box determined they did not belong to Orton.

Orton was arrested on charges of aggravated burglary, and theft of property over $1,000.

Dogs were brought in to locate the female passenger, Breanna Pippin, 21, but were unable to locate her. Warrants for the same charges were issued for Pippin, but as of this week she has not been apprehended yet.



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