Lawrence County man arrested and charged with attempted murder after Thursday night stabbing.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's department were dispatched on Friday to Tingle Trap road with reports of a man being stabbed

Once deputies arrived they spoke with the victim, Michael Clayton,30, who had sustained a half inch wide stab wound to his lower back near his spine, and he was airlifted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Deputies spoke with the family who had come home Thursday around midnight to find blood splatter on the victims duplex carport that is shared with the other duplex occupant, Noah Russ,58. The victim had laid there on the carport floor until they arrived.

Clayton stated that Russ who was intoxicated had been mowing his lawn when he approached the victim angrily talking about prison, and then stabbed him in the back.

Russ was questioned by deputies, and he denied having any involvement in the stabbing. While speaking with Russ deputies noticed blood on his porch that's when deputies asked to search the residence, and inside they found a shirt in the washer with blood on it, blood on a pair shoes, blood smear on the wall, and a knife block with a missing knife.

Deputies spoke with Russ' son who stated he seen his father throw a knife into a field nearby, and they were able to retrieve the knife which fit the missing knife from inside the home.

After all the evidence Russ was arrested then charged with aggravated assault and attempted second degree murder.



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