Local man commits fraud against used car lot in town.

Lawrenceburg police department are investigating a man that supposedly committed fraud on Orton's Used Cars.

The owner of the car lot filed a complaint through the Lawrenceburg police department involving a 63 year old man, and his 1986 Ford F-350 truck. The man had traded his truck which the car lot verified that the title had no liens against it, and got a vehicle from them in the trade which was later repossessed.

At the time of the repossession the man told the car lot that he didn't care if they took his vehicle because he gave them the wrong title anyway.

On April 5th someone attempted to purchase the truck from the car lot, but found out there were multiple titles for the truck with atleast one title having a lien against it.

The owner of the car lot found out the man had filed for several lost titles, and took out liens on several of the titles. Owner of the car lot even stated he was contacted by one of the lien holders trying make him pay off loan or forfeit the truck.

The Criminal Investigation Division is currently pursuing further investigation into this case.



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