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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stolen Franklin Truck Recovered From Summertown Property

   Local law enforcement officers recovered a truck from a Summertown property last week that had been reported stolen in the Franklin area nearly a year before.

   Deputies with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department received a tip from a confidential source that led them to the 1328 Turnpike residence. The source told deputies the silver 2004 Chevrolet 1500 was parked in a field there, and was able to provide a license plate number.

   Once they learned that the truck had been entered into the National Crime Information Center on May 2, 2010 as stolen, deputies obtained permission from the property owner to conduct a search.

   Reports indicate the truck was parked in an open field approximately 100 yards behind the residence, near a tree line. Deputies note that the only way to access the field is by passing through a gate beside the home. They indicate that the truck appeared to have been parked there for an extended period of time, as the ground beneath it was bear. They noted that no visible damage had been sustained.

   Investigation into the matter is continuing at the present time. The truck, valued at $6,000, was towed to the county’s impound lot pending further investigation.


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