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Monday, April 14, 2008

American Red Cross Radiothon Raises Funds To Assist Tornado Victims

   The Lawrence County Chapter of the American Red Cross is in much better financial shape to assist victims of last Friday’s tornado thanks to an impromptu radiothon that was held Saturday.

   The radiothon was hosted by chapter Director Ginny Benson and Public Relations Officer Ben Luna, with airtime donated by WLX. According to Benson, area residents came through with approximately $6,200 in monetary donations. In addition, residents brought in donations of bottled water and personal care items.

   “We have a lot of items to distribute,” Benson pointed out. “If the victims can pick them up it will really help us out, but if they can’t they just need to contact us at our office at 181 Prosser Road (telephone 762-1599).”

   The Red Cross provides food, clothing and shelter to victims of various disasters. The relief effort, coordinated by the Red Cross, involves several other local organizations. Benson encourages all tornado victims to contact the chapter as soon as possible for assistance. They may stop by the chapter headquarters or telephone 762-1599.

   At this point, Benson said, “We are just getting into our casework.” Benson indicates that a total of sixty-six structures within Lawrence County were affected, with thirty-six homes damaged or destroyed. Needs are great, and any and all assistance from the community is welcomed.

   The chapter had planned to hold a radiothon on Saturday, April 26, however Friday’s events forced them to undertake the emergency fundraiser. Benson said it is not clear at this point whether the chapter will hold the fundraiser as planned.

   Although local residents have been generous in their response to the storm, additional donations are needed to ensure that all needs are met. Anyone wishing to contribute is urged to drop donations off at the chapter headquarters, or send them by mail to:  American Red Cross, P.O. Box 61, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, 38464. Those donating should be certain to designate that the funds are to go toward the “Lawrence” or “Giles” disaster relief. “If they’ll call us,” says Benson, “We’ll even arrange to have donations picked up.”