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Monday, April 11, 2011

Children Removed From Unfit Home, Parents Garner Drug Charges

   Two young children were removed from what law enforcement officials deemed an unfit home last week while their parents were arrested on several drug charges.

   Reports filed through the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department show that deputies were dispatched to conduct a welfare check at 311 Redhill Center Road Wednesday morning. Concerned citizens had reported drug activity and a possible suicide threat the previous evening, indicating they had been unable to make contact with the residents that morning.

   Deputies arrived at the home around 11:45 a.m. Assistance was quickly summoned to the home and a request submitted for an immediate response from agents with the Department of Children’s Services.

   Deputies report the two adult residents, Timothy Mark Loyd, 29, and Anita Kaye Loyd, 25, appeared to be in the “tweaking stages of meth use.” According to reports, Anita Loyd admitted she had used methamphetamine, Xanax, Lortab, and marijuana while her children, ages 4 and 5, were present. A drug screen revealed she had also used Aderol. Tests showed that both Loyds “failed drug screens for types of narcotics not prescribed to either of them.”

   In addition to drug concerns, deputies report the home was in a state that posed a hazard to the youngsters. They report there were holes in the floor of the home “large enough that the children could fall into them and land on the ground below.” One such hole, reports show, was at the entrance to the bathroom.

   Deputies report there was only one entrance/exit that was accessible in the home. In addition, they report that clothing and other items were piled “knee high” from the kitchen, through the hallway, and into the back bedroom.

   The children were removed from the home and taken into the care of DCS. A grandparent was contacted to meet with authorities regarding possible guardianship.

   Both Timothy and Anita Loyd were arrested and transported to the Lawrence County Detention Center. They were booked under charges of possession of controlled substances and two counts apiece of aggravated child neglect. Monday morning they remained incarcerated under bonds of $21,000 apiece.

   Both Loyds are scheduled to answer the charges against them in Lawrence County General Sessions Court on April 18, 2011.


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