Local man pled guilty in Mother's death, and attempted murder of his friend.

Kip Dylane Buie, 36 appeared in court on Monday for the 2018 murder of his mother, Glenda Gail Buie, 60, and for an unrelated attempted murder case involving a hammer.

Buie was charged with attempted murder back in January 2018, where he was spending the day watching movies with a friend. Buie started to leave the friend's home when he came back stating he had left his keys which he found in his pocket as they were walking out of the shop Buie hit his friend in the back of the head with a hammer, and then struck him a few more times near the victim's ear. After a struggle with the victim's gun Buie fled nearly running over the victim's wife who was coming to her husband's aid and calling 911.

Deputies located Buie on Gore road around 7:00 the following morning and he was arrested then transported to Lawrence County jail.

The Murder of his mother occurred the same day with her being transported by ambulance to Murray Regional Medical Hospital were she passed away due to her serious injuries. An autopsy ruled her death as homicide by strangulation, and Buie was indicted by Lawrence County grand jury on first degree murder.

On Monday at the Lawrence County circuit court Buie entered a plea bargain on both charges, and pled guilty to second degree murder in his mother's murder. He was sentenced 25 years with 100% required to be served.

Buie also pled guilty to one count of attempted second degree murder for assaulting his friend with a hammer, and was sentenced to 15 years with 30% of that to be served.

Both charges are running consecutively so Buie will serve 29 and half years before he is considered for parole.



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