Local Quick Mart employee admits to intentionally taking fake $100 bill on four different occasions.

On April 2nd, officer Lopp was dispatched to Quick Mart 30 with reports that a employee had taken a fake $100 bill on 4 different occasions.

Upon arrival the officer spoke with the Manager who stated her employee, Makaila Ruth Sinclair, was the one who had taken the bill, and she was in her office.

After the officer questioned Sinclair she admitted to intentionally taking the fake $100 bill from her father-in-law, Billy Paris Hagan Jr, on all 4 occasions. She also let the officer know that her father-in-law wasn't the one making the money, but that he was getting the money from someone else.

This investigation is still ongoing, and there was further questioning with Sinclair at the Police department. No arrest have been made at this time.



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