A Lawrenceburg utility worker stepped in to help a St. Joseph police officer fighting with a combative suspect.

St. Joseph Officer Colton Steadman was traveling on Highway 4 when he spotted a silver SUV that was speeding.

The motorist, Rodney Cleveland, was doing 62 in a 45 speed limit zone.

Cleveland wasnt happy about the citation, and immediately refused to sign the $173 ticket which is mandated by state law to sign.

Officer Steadman stated, "I gave him three opportunities. Once he wouldn't sign the ticket, I asked him to step out and he did.”

After the officer tried to arrest Cleveland that is when he became combative, Officer Steadman stated, "I placed my hand on his back and put him against the car and went to cuff him and we began to fight. He's six foot 200 and I'm five foot, seven 150 it was a handful.”

About the time Officer Steadman began to battle with Cleveland is when a lineman with Lawrenceburg utility systems drove up.

Without hesitation, the lineman with close to 20 years' experience hopped out of his work truck and rushed to the officer's aid.

Officer Steadman says, “He assisted in handcuffing him and was able to get my cuffs and assisted in that." The officer believes if the lineman hadn't of stepped in to assist things could of took much more violent turn.

The Communications Director for Lawrenceburg Utility systems, Lee Boyd spoke on the incident saying, "He is the example of what you want in an employee I'll tell you that, He saw him in need and I bet he didn't think about it. Hopped out and did what he had to do to help him out."

Cleveland Instead of just signing the ticket and later contesting the $173 citation, was now charged with resisting arrest and taken to jail, where he posted a $10,000 bond. He is due back in court on May 21.



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