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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Investigation Initiated When Man Found Unconscious In Front Yard

   An investigation was initiated Monday after authorities received a call regarding a man who was found with an apparent head wound, lying unconscious in the yard of his Leoma home.

   The call for assistance was received by Lawrence Central Dispatch around 9:33 a.m. A female resident told dispatchers that the victim had fallen off the porch, hit his head, and was passed out.

   Deputies arriving on the scene at 31 Embry Road reported finding Brian Keith Rummage, 21, lying beside the front porch with a cinder block next to his head.

His breathing, reports show, appeared normal, but Rummage was unresponsive. Members of the Lawrence County Ambulance Service rendered aid, then transported Rummage to Crockett Hospital.

   The female resident told deputies that she had last seen Rummage around midnight. She said that they had argued, but had gone to bed on good terms.

She said she awakened around 9:00 a.m. and shortly afterwards found Rummage outside, lying on the ground.

   Deputies reported that the female resident did not appear to be upset and that she asked repeatedly whether “they could tell what happened.”

   When they spoke with Rummage at the hospital he told deputies he had awakened, fixed lunch to take to work, then went out to start his car around 5:40 a.m. The next thing he remembered, he said, was that “his head hurt really bad” and he was inside the ambulance.

He stated that he “felt like he had been hit in the head.” Although Rummage had a history of seizures, reports show he had not suffered an episode in around four years.

   According to reports, the female resident eventually told deputies that Rummage “wanted her to hit him because he was late to work… and it was with a wrench/ratchet.”  She also indicated that “Since I wouldn’t punch him in the head he placed a cinder block next to his head…and it was 3 or 4 times.”

   Deputies noted that Rummage appeared genuinely surprised by his girlfriend’s statement and asked that when deputies went to search the house, they not allow her to go “to prove that didn’t happen.”

   Deputies went back to the home to conduct a search. They reported the only tool located was found lying next to a propane tank in the bedroom floor.

   The incident was classified as an aggravated assault. At the current time detectives are working to sort out the source of Rummage’s injury.


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